Sunday, 12 July 2015

'Deadpool' trailer leaks.

Well, you've all heard about it, and yes, the rumors are true.... hit the jump for more and to watch the trailer before it gets banned.

Marvel really doesn't have the best track record. Apart from Guardians of the Galaxy, all their film adaptations have been, well, shit.
It looks like this is about to change.....
Fans were pretty pissed off when they heard that Marvel were making a Deadpool movie, because the film would need to be off the chain; and most certainly not family friendly. The last time we saw him portrayed on celluloid was in X-men :Days of Future Past, where he was unable to utter his trademark expletives.  Although a trailer shown at comic - con (twice, I may add) has blown everyone's mind. Check it out below (and do it now, it's gonna be taken down soon I assume).

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