Monday, 27 July 2015

Mark Hamill returns...

With only 5 months or so left until Star Wars 7 hits screens, a piece of news just dropped indicating Hamill's involvement with another project. Hit the jump for more.

Mark Hamill is known for two roles in the film world. The first, of course, goes without saying. The second, perhaps less well known, is his work on the Batman Franchise. In various animated series, and the Arkham videogames, Hamill has played the joker. Indeed, he did it so well that critics and fans alike have hailed his performance as one of the best in the voiceover canon.

Over the last few years. DC has released a few straight-to-DVD animated films and next year will be no exception. Just today, they dropped their lineup which confirms a 'The Killing Joke' adaptation starring, you guessed it, Mark Hamill as the joker!

This is great news: the killing joke is one of the, if not the, best Batman graphic novels, and Hamill's voice-over work is reputably captivating. We'll have to wait and see if A) it's any good, and B) if it will sell well, considering it's a straight-to-DVD animated movie.

With this, SW7, and Kingsman, is this the return of the jedi?

The Joker in Batman: The Killing Joke

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