Saturday, 15 August 2015

Hateful Eight trailer arrives!

It's finally here, and you can finally revel in it's awesomeness! Hit the jump for the actual trailer, as well as some commentary too.

To start, I am going to confirm your suspicions: the Hateful Eight looks like it is going to be amazing. But at the same time, I must dispel one of my own (at least, I hope): this film is not going to be a rip-off reservoir dogs. Before I continue with any analysis/commentary, here is the trailer in all its glory:

Well, that was cool, wasn't it? First of all, we can see that many Tarantino regulars are present; Sam Jackson has the coolest part (as usual), plus Michael Madsen and  Tim Roth add some vintage Tarantino feels to the proceedings. With, of course, one tantalizing exception. You see, in one frame of the trailer, Madsen appears to be having his ear cut off by another character. If this is true, then Tarantino has reached the point where he is even referencing HIMSELF!!

Add to that the obvious allusions to John Carpenters 'The Thing': same themes, leading actor, scoring, location, and vibe. On top of all that we have the 70mm format which is almost unheard of (in modern times) for large films. Get ready, this is gonna be a good one!

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