Tuesday, 9 February 2016

High-Rise trailer/poster campaign escalates (pardon the pun)

From the Revenant, to the Hateful Eight, and forward until Hardcore Henry on April 8th; a string of films that I'm incredibly excited about continues to release. At the moment, however, it's Ben Wheatley's 'High-Rise' that holds the most interest for me. And it's not just for the concept (as it is for Ilya Naishuller's film). It's the director, and the cast, and the source material, and the absolutely phenomenal ad campaign. Hit the jump for posters, stills, and trailers!

From this in early 2015:

And then to a fantastically sinister 'teaser' - if you could call it that....

And then to another, altogether more professional effort. I just love how you have to scroll down this one to see all of it; really emphasizing the height of the building. or the way it suggests one of the important elevators winding it's way down the structure:

Finally we got the trailer that we were looking for, a perfect masterclass in suspense, enigma, and intrigue. Showcasing the incredible cinematography and period detail; this trailer expanded upon the sinister vibes of the earlier teaser; whilst still retaining no hint whatsoever about the plot of the story:

And, lo and behold, since then we've had two of the most visually exhilarating and suggestive posters of recent memory. You can see them both below:

And finally, earlier today, we received an utterly magnificent trailer. Check it out, and I'll give my views after it:

Ah, that was beautiful wasn't it? Using another tune from Risky Business I believe (after Love on a Real Train from the teaser), Wheatley is definitely marking High-Rise as a sound-perfect movie. And with a much hyped Portishead SOS cover, it's certainly looking to be an audible feast. As for the visuals? Coming from someone who finished the book a mere two days ago; it looks pitch perfect. Apart from the kaleidoscope, paint splashing, and the bourgeoisie party; I can pick out moments and dialogue evocative of the book. On the subject of kaleidoscopes, it appears as if we're heading for a Field in England style trippy ending again (given recent reviews). Just a few questions remain in my mind. With a 15 rating, that slow motion building jump looks as if it's going to be rather brutal, and SPOILERS a swimming pool full of dismembered corpses cannot be on the agenda. Or can it? In any case, I cant remember the last time I felt this much hype over a month before the movie release date. I guess we'll just have to wait and see.

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